My grandfather ventured to Wisconsin last week for a few days to see my cousin graduate high school. Gram isn’t well enough to travel, so she bunked up with Ryan and I. Last time I stayed at her place and it totally gave me the creeps. I armed the place with night lights and a baby monitor so if anything tragic happened during the night, I could save the day. Luckily, tragedy did not strike and Grandma limited her grouchiness to the mornings.

I found that giving her a job really made her happy. She proved to be an excellent dish washer and dryer. Why haven’t I put her to work before?

Her nightly pill regimen. Yikes!

I made homemade mango popsicles and Pookie was not a fan…

She prefers homemade chocolate chip cookies. We caught her stealing one from the kitchen and looking totally guilty. So cute.


There are many residents who own small pets at my grandparents’ retirement home. A few small dogs and a handful of furry felines are seen roaming the grounds. This little kitty wanted to go into our apartment, and Grandma that it was Hi.lar.i.ous. I’m pretty sure they’re not allowed to be walking up and down the halls unsupervised, but I’m no tattle-tale.

Check out funny one-liners from my sweet old friends here:



Bernice and I were chatting at breakfast this morning after I got an update on a girl I went to high school with from one of the residents. I said, “Yes, his granddaughter is finishing up medical school next year. And what the heck have I done with my life?”

“Lesley, let me tell you something, don’t you worry too much about that. Last night the women at dinner were all talking about these big fancy colleges they went to. I didn’t say a word. They may be educated, but those are some of the stupidest people I have ever met.”

My grandparents will be married 65 years this June. Here are some mementos I found while helping Grandpa sort through old boxes.

Here they are on their honeymoon. Grandma had a bod!

This is one of my all-time favorite photos. It’s of my Grandma’s sisters and mother on her sister’s wedding day. Isn’t is so classic?

Their wedding invitation.

The wedding announcement from the local paper. I love the way the writer added such great details, “The bride’s mother was most charming in a light blue dress with white accessories.” So great.

A page from their wedding album.

Cards I found in old boxes from Grandpa to Grandma.

Have you ever seen the show ‘Hoarders?’ My grandfather’s pen collection may be an indication that he has a problem.

I thought I’d give you all a little background on Bernice. She is 87, and her husband passed away a few years ago. Get this, she and my grandfather both grew up in Chicago and went to the same elementary school. Seriously. And they ended up in the same retirement home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Isn’t that crazy?

She has a son who also lives in NM whom I’ve met once; he was very kind. Their favorite extra-curricular activity is to go to Costco and get a hot dog and coke and then go to the casino and gamble.

She was talking about a time years ago when her son was in his twenties and was living with her and her husband in Chicago. One day her son said to her, “You know Mother, living with you is really curtailing my sex life.” She responds, “And what exactly do you think it’s doing to mine?”

Bernice and I were having another one of our morning chats when I tell her about our washing machine leaking. I tell her I’m thankful for my husband and dad who went to Lowe’s and got a few things and fixed it right away, and for under $4.

Her response: “It must be nice to have a husband who can do things. I never had one of those.”